5 things i learned this week

1.     If you have to wait more than 30 min after a long international flight before you can shower, do yourself a favor and change into new clothes in the bathroom before hopping in your cab and leaving the airport. I just did it and freshened up with some wipes and I feel like an amazing person. I changed into this comfy jumpsuit from Nordstrom.

2.     Ingrid Goes West is a very funny movie. Its creepy and dark too. But I think it does a super job telling the stories of two very different girls. Oddly, I saw myself in both of them.

3.     Making my bed in the morning is amazing. I never thought I would be a person who did this. But it makes my house feel so much cleaner and tidier. And I spend so much less time in the bed! I’ way more productive.

4.     Reinventing Organizations is a great book. It’s one of the only books about organizational development and workplaces that I feel is very holistic. It just gets it. A great “roadmap” for how a workplace and people can be KIND and EFFICIENT and SUCCESSFUL. I recommend everyone read it!!!!!

5.     New computers are expensive but worth it (I think). I’ve been trying to get my old macbook pro up and running. With two weeks invested into that POS, I broke down yesterday and spent all my Europe money on a new macbook air. I place my coffee/wine 6 feet from it at all times. Mini note: drinking espresso and wine at the same time is actually great for late night working.

BONUS: And I like these yoga/running pants.